Post-Natal Health & Fitness



Below are the great features and benefits of my Post-Natal Services;

  • Small groups usually 1-3 mums. You could come individually or with friends from a baby circle or NCT group. It’s up to you and how you feel comfortable exercising.
  • 12 week rolling program (approx – fitted to local school term times). This gives enough time to get into a rhythm to see and feel the results of our fun training sessions.
  • Each 12 week Personal Training Program is designed for the profile of your group including activities you enjoy, focused on improving fitness and feeling awesome.
  • Outdoor/ daytime sessions held in Cheam Park. Benefit from exercising in a safe, positive environment with friends.

First program starts first week of January 2018, availability is limited to two groups of 4 max. so do get in touch today!

My Best,


Personal Trainer


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