Alex was the most patient,encouraging and kind person I needed at that point. It took a couple of months for me to fully embrace it and I haven’t looked back. My shape has changed so much I feel confident and happy in my own skin. And as for my wedding….Alex pushed me to ensure I felt my absolute best, a million dollars in fact. He knows exactly what to do and how to get you fitter, stronger and feeling your best. I’d recommend him to anyone!


Signing up to PT sessions was a big decision, but after just 7 weeks of StrengthRocks Personal Training it has really paid off where years of fitness classes/gym have failed.The weight is steadily dropping off, I’m stronger, fitter and generally feel much healthier. The sessions are completely tailored to you: your fitness goals, your preferences (I hate burpees!), your level, working around any injuries etc. and are varied so you never get bored. Alex is totally supportive and encouraging, but also challenging when you need it. He has great enthusiasm and positivity and is knowledgeable and professional. I would fully recommend StrengthRocks to anyone looking to improve their health or fitness.


I’ve just finished my first 10 sessions of PT I have lost a stone and 9 inches which I’m so pleased about. Not only do I feel fitter, stronger and healthier in my body I also feel so much better mentally. Alex has also given my nutritional advice and suggested apps that have been really helpful. Alex has the perfect balance of encouragement and without realising he has pushed you to your max.


I met Eed following a referral from another client and when we started personal training her goal was to improve her overall body strength.

When I found out Eed had entered the London Marathon in aid of charity we refocused our training to give her the best preparation we could ahead of a fantastic challenge. Working consistently Eed got stronger and more resolute.

I was delighted when Eed completed her marathon and what is more she was back in the gym training the next week (all be it with a few aches). Well done Eed, Amazing!

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