Defibrillator appeal!

I have always enjoyed Cheam Park. I was surprised to find out that this community recreation area does not have a defibrillator for use in the event of someone suffering a heart attack. Read more to find out why we need to raise money for a defibrillator now. Thank you.

I was recently on a first aid course as I am going to run a BootCamp in the lovely Cheam Park.

I was not surprised when I found out that heart attacks cause more than a quarter of deaths in the UK each year. I was shocked however with the difference in survival rates with and without a defibrillator.

If you are treated by a first aider and given CPR you or a loved one have a survival rate of 2-5%.

If you are lucky enough to be treated quickly with a defibrillator (within 3-4 minutes) you survival rates jump significantly to 74%!

With developments in technology absolutely anyone can use a defibrillator to save someones life!

Do you use Cheam Park to walk a dog, exercise, play with your family, enjoy the flower beds or sports facilities? If not you will know numerous people who do?

Well, we don’t have a defibrillator … please donate to allow us to make our Park more safe for all those that take enjoyment from it.

Currently we have raised £800 and are working with local partners to secure a defibrillator for Cheam Park. Get in touch below if you would like to donate;