Jo’s Story – Personal Training

Jo’s story at StrengthRocks.

You know it’s funny, when you meet someone for the first time it can be hard to see how they’ll get on as part of the StrengthRocks team.

That’s how it was with Jo.

Jo had an ankle injury and after having children had been out of activity for a while.

If you met her today you would literally think she was someone else!

If I had to say what makes Jo different from others is her shear determination and work ethic.

In fact I say that a lot, there is nothing more threatening to a super fit persons ego than a grafter.

A grafter chips away day after day making small improvements when the rest of us may be coasting.

Session after session, day after day and so on! Jo has got after her goals and smashed them.

Sick, injured, demotivated or whatever else was going on she gets it done.

At first it was overcoming injury, then Jo got fitter and enjoying the positive impact it was having, made the step up to personal training.

Once Jo coupled the challenge of personal training with some nutritional guidance, she consistently started to change.

At this time as part of the StrengthRocks community Jo started doing the Nonsuch ParkRun.

Nowadays Jo is still training hard.

Half marathons, serious strength goals and inspiring other team members is where we find her.

It’s always my ultimate goal to have client performance as a measure ahead of their body weight etc. and I am delighted to say Jo has been there for a while.

What’s more exciting is where she’ll go next.


  1. Mindset focused on performance goals while maintaining body measurements
  2. Half Marathon / Squatting significantly more than weight
  3. Constantly going after bigger and better challenges


I have had amazing results with StrengthRocks, through 1:1 Personal Training I have lost 3st, dropped 3 dress sizes, run a half marathon and am stronger than I have ever been.

I’ve now switched to the Boost Programme which means I can train more often and still get the personal attention to reach my new goals.

Alex is a fantastic, supportive, motivating trainer. Whatever your current level of fitness, he will adapt the programme, so you get what you need to meet your personal goals.

The other clients are all really friendly and encouraging.

I cannot recommend StrengthRocks highly enough whatever your goals; whether you are looking to start your fitness journey, or to build strength for an up coming event.

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