Gym Hire

Are you an experienced personal trainer or do you offer complimenting services such as physiotherapy or pilates for example?

  • Are you struggling to find a space to deliver your service?
  • Are the right hours hard to find?
  • Are expensive rents prohibitive?
  • Do you want the space to operate away from lots of competition
  • Are the expectations of a big brands hampering your services?

If the above sound like you then working with StrengthRocks could be the answer. A functioning well equipped gym space, StrengthRocks currently has various availability for professionals to use the space on a regular basis.

Features of the Space;

  1. 275 square ft training studio / Mirrors for form / Whiteboard for Programmes
  2. Power rack with various bars and up to 200kg weight
  3. Two benches / one wheeled / one incline/decline
  4. Punch bag & mitts
  5. Slam balls / Kettle bells / battle rope / TRX / Jump box
  6. Slam pads for lifting
  7. HDPE matts for groups up to approx 6
  8. Toilet off main space

If you’re interested in seeing how you could hire StrengthRocks Gym Space then do get in touch.