Claire’s Story – Boost Programme

Claire’s Story on the Boost Programme

Claire’s before and after (8 weeks)

Claire joined only eight weeks ago to kickstart her journey. She had previously attended the Outdoor BootCamp on an adhoc basis.

Claire is genuinley one of the kindest people you could meet and is always motivating others even when she is feeling the burn.

I wasn’t sure how she would take the step up to the Boost Programme as with the BootCamp her training has always fluctuated.

I needn’t have worried!

Claire has consistently trained 3 times per week for the last 8 weeks whatever the challenges of normal life. Even when not at the gym she followed her nutritional guidance and stayed on track with the online learning programme.

Claire is progressing brilliantly and hasn’t looked back, we’re all delighted with her progress and the speed with which she has changed in performance and appearance!


  1. Winning mindset – setting new and more ambitious goals
  2. Squatting more than own body weight
  3. Lost 1 stone in excess body fat


I have worked with Al on the Boost programme for the last two months and I absolutely love it! I am already feeling so much fitter, healthier and more body confident and working with Al is fantastic. He is so supportive and knows how to motivate and push you to reach your goals. I cannot recommend Al and Strength Rocks enough!

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