Body Assessments


Motivation for getting from A to B and staying there! We want results. In fact we’re obsessed with getting you the results you want. Our StrengthRocks Body Assessments benchmark and record key metrics to map your route to a stronger, leaner and feeling awesome self! Seeing and feeling the results of your hard work will encourage you even further!


Who can get a StrengthRocks Body Assessment?

We believe in this and as such our comprehensive body assessments are free to all members. Initially they will be completed every two months to help you check your numbers, celebrate your successes and motivate for the next goal!


How are these StrengthRocks Body Assessments completed?

The assessments will be split into two halves body measurements and body performance.

Body Measurements – key metrics to monitor health and progress – weight, BMI, Hip-2-waist ratio, Blood Pressure and resting heart rate. Measurements are taken in private inside (We have hired the room at the rear of Cheam Park Cafe for our  Body Assessments – Convenient, private and coffee can be purchased!).

Body Performance – An overall score is awarded based on how you perform over a series of exercises that mimic training and everyday tasks. This test is completed outside and usually during one of our weekly sessions.