Jo’s Story

Jo’s Story

Signing up to PT sessions was a big decision due to the cost, but after just 7 weeks of StrengthRocks Personal Training it has really paid off where years of fitness classes/gym have failed. The weight is steadily dropping off, I’m stronger, fitter and generally feel much healthier.

The sessions are completely tailored to you: your fitness goals, your preferences (I hate burpees!), your level, working around any injuries etc. and are varied so you never get bored.

Alex is totally supportive and encouraging, but also challenging when you need it. He has great enthusiasm and positivity and is knowledgeable and professional.

I would fully recommend StrengthRocks to anyone looking to improve their health or fitness.

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Trainer Al – When Jo started PT with me, she was struggling with ankle injury that stopped her running and had a holiday away with girlfriends to get in shape for.

I’m super proud to say that her body shape has totally changed, she’s shed 2 stone and our conversations now are more about her 5km run personal best!

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Get in touch if you would like to try out at BootCamp or discuss personal training.

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