Are You Ready To Change?

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Well are you?

I’m going to talk about readiness to change, within a personal training context. But really this could apply to any area of your life and work.

What is “Readiness to Change”

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or improve your health and well being results require action. Action requires the mental will to act and can be identified and explained in stages. Whatever aspect of your life, can you identify with one of these stages? (apologies for my simplistic analogy);

  1. Pre-Contemplation – What Belly?
  2. Contemplation – Ok, that Belly – but I’m not ready to do anything about it!
  3. Preparation – Ok, well maybe I should find a fitness provider and look at my eating habits …
  4. Action – I’m on it – the weight is falling off and I feel empowered and successful
  5. Maintenance – I’ve earned my abs but I need to keep it up to hold onto them
  6. Relapse – What Belly!

It is a light-hearted analogy but with a huge amount of demanding challenges in our lives staying in stages 4 & 5 takes perseverance and grit. Its especially hard if you’ve been distracted from your goals for a while.

It is also important to understand that you could be at different stages of the cycle with regards to your eating, exercise, sleep, or hydration at anyone time!

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  1. Be gentle with yourself
  2. Just acknowledging where you are in the cycle will ease you into taking action to change
  3. Divide and conquer – pick one goal at a time, exercise for example
  4. Ask for help – BootCamps and Personal Trainers are here to help
  5. Ask yourself – “Am I Ready!?”

If you want more information on how StrengthRocks can help you then drop us an email.

Best of luck – StrengthRocks and so do you.


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