Why Not Run!

Well, why not … I know a lot of people don’t love to run but it’s a pretty great exercise and here’s why..

It’s Old School Natural!

After walking it’s about the most natural next step we can take, if there was a big furry beast chasing you in neolithic times … you’d run. These days the beast chasing you might be excess weight or heart disease, the thing is these beasts are more sneaky. They’ll sneak up and ruin what should be a perfectly agreeable existence!

In this fascinating TED talk Christopher McDougall explains a theory that the best thing us homo-sapiens are designed for is to run for long periods and sweat really efficiently. In the animal world it seems we are comparatively slow and weak! So my top four of the many benefits of homo-sapiens running are;

  1. Be Happy – Running as any exercise relieves stress and releases positive endorphin’s making us happy.
  2. Fight the Fat – Running works large muscle groups of the body and as a result burns a load of calories helping maintain weight.
  3. Develop cardio vascular system – One of the most important systems of the body your heart and lungs, 24/7 workhorses that keep us alive.
  4. Fight Osteoporosis – Running is great for maintaining bone density as its weight bearing, which could stave of osteoporosis in mid to advanced years.

Therefore if we’re only good for one thing as a species and you only have one slot to exercise in your week, maybe you should run! Experiment with one of these workouts below to get going. Remember train safe – warm up and let someone know where you’ll be going.

Beginner (15-25m)

Walk 1m – Fast walk 1m – Walk 1m – Run 1m – Walk 1m

x repeat 3-5 times then move to intermediate.

Intermediate (15-45m)

Jog 5m – Run 2m – Jog 5m – Run 3m

repeat 1-3 times.

Take away

Some people for medical reasons may not be able to run, for others it may not be their first step into fitness. But for most people running is a beneficial activity to be enjoyed.

So, if you can, I implore you to get on a pair of runners and hit the road, trail or treadmill and get some of the good stuff! Use the below workouts to get running and improve you health, fitness and wellness.

Remember – Live Strong, StrengthRocks!

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