Wildman 10K

In this blog I’ll be talking a little bit about “off-road” adventure races and giving you a short and sweet workout to complete in preparation for your first adventure race.

There has been a growth over the last decade of “off-road” adventure races during the winter months, the muddier the better.  They are not all as muddy as the picture above but you get the idea. The Wildman has a couple of distance options, for those wanting a more brief dip in the muddy race puddles there’s a 5km and for the real reveller you can opt for the 10km. The Wildman is part of a race series organised by Humanrace and it cost me £28 to enter the 10km race. Humanrace events in my experience are well organised with ample parking, loos, food and sports equipment vendors.

The challenge

The challenge of most “off-road” events is the regular requirement to get your body down on the ground or up over an obstacle. This is normally made harder by boggy ground and wet mud! This will challenge your core much more than a normal 10km effort.


I have not done specific training on this occasion, I will however prepare by adjusting my current run. Rather than the treadmill I’m getting out on the trail for some hills and adding in some bodyweight exercises. Try this and let me know how you get on;

  • Plan to run 10km or for around 60 minutes
  • Take a stopwatch or use your phone as a timer
  • Every 5 – 10 minutes complete 5 burpees / 3 squats / 2 press ups (video examples below)

Run at a comfortable pace, after three or four sets of this you should feel the added challenge of the exercise sets. If it’s too easy up the repetitions or if this is too challenging remove an exercise. You may also want to wear running or outdoor gloves as it’s getting colder now and whenever I drop to do burpees there is always a muddy patch!


  • Keep yourself safe when you’re running
  • Stretch after exercise to help recovery and avoid injury
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Take away

  • I’m looking forward to earning a new race t-shirt (I know we’d all love a medal more!)
  • Here’s a little training idea to prepare you for the rigours of off road mud races
  • If you’re at the Wildman or any other event do come and say hello and most importantly have a fantastic event

Live strong, strength rocks!





Please note: videos are not StrengthRocks videos and are just examples on the exercises suggested in the blog. Thanks.

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