Green is good – think Pop-eye!

I’m a smoothie convert mainly as I’m a big fan of the recent nutrabullet style blenders. They’ll deal with nuts and seeds and are really easy to clean. The kids love helping make them to, which is great as its another activity on the long afternoon shift!

Why the green smoothie?

I use myfitnesspal to monitor my diet and as I descended like the millennium falcon to my goal weight I became more interested in the micro-nutrients (see blog on macros and micros etc here) I was getting in my diet. The challenge was how to move forward for the longer term to maintain my weight and optimise my health.

Missing vitamins

I noticed I was missing my iron and vitamin A target by a mile every day. My initial response was to get a standard vitamin supplement from my local supermarket. This is ok, I do like supplements as a mopping up approach to get what you need. I just don’t think our bodies can make maximum use of nutrients unless the majority come from real food.

Vitamin A

Is used in the body to support immune function when fighting infections. Be careful you don’t get too much though the NHS recommend 0.6mg for ladies and 0.7mg for men per day. You can find out more here.


Is fundamental to the production of red blood cells and in turn deficiencies can impact on the production of energy in your body. Low iron is quite common and is termed anaemia once your iron levels hit a certain point. You can find out about anaemia at the NHS site here.

The Smoothie

This recipe is hitting my vitamin A and helping towards my iron and intake of other vitamins. I love the fact that the blender will deal with my need for greens and nuts in one. The nuts also give a smoother finish as well which is a nice change (although a  nightmare to get out of carpet if your eldest drops a cheeky little taster!)


Try this smoothie;

  1. Medium apple
  2. Medium Banana
  3. 60g of Spinach
  4. 10g of cashews
  5. Cup of water
  6. (I put in some strawberries and grapes that needed eating, save the waste!)

Blend and enjoy!

The calories and % Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) are approx and for one person, you could split it if this is too much and still get a bit of what you need);

  • Calories – 250
  • Vitamin A – 100% RDA
  • Vitamin C – 50% RDA
  • Iron – 15% RDA
  • Calcium – 15% RDA

I would say be mindful of the amount of fruit when making smoothies, although natural, they will still put a dent in your calories overall. You could split this and serve two, I guess I’m just keen!

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