What motivates you to move quicker!?

If it’s the bus then lets work on that!

If there’s a medal involved I’m normally in. My wife sees that good summer her favourite old jeans fitted and that keeps her motivated to exercise … and trips to Karen Millen.

It is important to stoke your motivation regularly with rewards. The important thing about reward is that you earn it. Earn the chocolate bar, earn the medal, and earn the new clothes. If you try to “pay” with exercise after getting the reward then you may struggle, it may not even happen. When I was trimming down my baby weight (I am the dad, but this still counts) if I logged my exercise before I had done it, became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wouldn’t do it then frustration would set in.

Just a few food & drink rewards you might earn then indulge in (occasionally obviously), average values;

Pint of beer – 200 cals – 15m run

Glass of wine (Red) – 150 cals – 18m – swim

Dairy milk chocolate (7 cubes) – 200 cals – 15m skipping (jumping rope)

By the time you’re exercising you may as well make the most of it and do a bit more. Plus when I’ve earned my pint I generally feel really good and don’t want it anyway. Well maybe.

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